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Your Path to Healing Begins Here!

Tailored therapy for Georgia residents.


Navigating the complexities of modern life can often leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Whether it's the crushing weight of depression, the isolation brought by anxiety, the tensions within relationships, the pressures of societal expectations, or the struggle with self-esteem and identity, these challenges can make us feel lost and disconnected from our true selves and loved ones.

Single woman representing individual therapy services.

01. Individual Therapy

Unlock your potential and master life's challenges with individual therapy sessions uniquely tailored to your journey. Our expertise in aiding adults through depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, stress, life transitions, and self-esteem issues is grounded in evidence-based practices, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy. Embark on a transformative journey with us, designed to elevate your sense of self and navigate your world with confidence and clarity.

Couple representing couple's therapy services

02. Couples Therapy

Strengthen your relationship through open communication and mutual understanding with our couples counseling services. As a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator, we offer specialized programs for pre-marital and marital counseling, aiming to resolve conflicts, enhance intimacy, and build a solid foundation for your future together. Ideal for couples at any stage, our therapy sessions provide a safe space to explore challenges, celebrate strengths, and learn effective strategies for a healthy, fulfilling partnership.

Family representing family's therapy service

03. Family Therapy

(Adults Only)

Heal and grow together with family therapy services designed to address and mend relational dynamics within adult family units. Our sessions facilitate meaningful conversations, helping families to overcome generational patterns of behavior, resolve conflicts, and strengthen bonds. By focusing on communication, understanding, and empathy, we guide families toward a harmonious and supportive environment, laying the groundwork for lasting positive change.



We understand that each journey is unique

Yet many of us share these common pain points. Our practice is committed to providing specialized therapeutic support for adults, couples, and families. Through evidence-based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy, we offer a compassionate and tailored approach to foster self-awareness, resilience, and healing. We address not only individual concerns but also the intricacies of relationships and family dynamics, aiming to improve communication, understanding, and overall well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

At The Life You Seek, we are committed to providing quality mental health care that’s both accessible and convenient. Our sessions are offered exclusively via telehealth, allowing you to engage in therapy from the comfort and privacy of your own space.

If you have any other questions that are not listed here, please don't hesitate to reach out via our contact form

  • Do you accept Insurance?
    We are pleased to accept insurance from: • United Healthcare • Blue Cross Blue Shield • Cigna • Aetna • Oxford • Oscar Health Before scheduling your session, please verify your insurance coverage for behavioral health services. For clients with other insurance providers, consider checking your out-of-network benefits or using your Health Savings Account (HSA) for claim submissions.
  • Do you accept private pay clients?
    Yes, we accept private pay clients at the following rates: • 75-minute Individual Intake Session: $195 • 75-minute Couples or Family Intake Session: $225 • 50-minute Individual Session: $130 • 50-minute Couples or Family Session: $150
  • How often should I attend therapy sessions?
    We recommend weekly sessions to maintain momentum and foster meaningful change.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    We understand life is unpredictable. Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid being charged for the session.

Embark on Your Healing Journey

Taking the first step towards healing and personal growth can be daunting, but it's also the most crucial. If you’re ready to start transforming your life and navigating these challenges with professional support, we’re here to guide you.

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