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Empower Your Audience with Insightful Mental Health Expertise

Oh, she speaks!

Cherrice Smith, LPC

As an experienced therapist and engaging speaker, Cherrice Smith, LPC, is dedicated to bringing mental health awareness to the forefront of community conversations, businesses, and professional groups. With extensive experience in presenting on crucial mental health topics, Cherrice aims to enlighten, engage, and inspire change through knowledge and understanding.

Picture of therapist with "Black Woman Therapist" shirt on.

Expertise and Topics

Cherrice specializes in a wide range of mental health topics tailored to diverse audiences, including but not limited to:

Workplace Burnout

Strategies for recognizing and mitigating burnout in professional settings.


Practical techniques for incorporating mindfulness into daily routines for stress reduction and improved mental health.

Racial Unrest

Navigating the mental health implications of racial unrest and promoting healing and understanding.

Imposter Syndrome

Understanding its impact and overcoming self-doubt in personal and professional lives.

Managing Depression and Anxiety

Practical approaches to managing symptoms of depression and anxiety, empowering individuals with tools for daily living.

Superwoman Syndrome

Challenging unrealistic standards and expectations placed on women, focusing on balance and self-care.



Book Cherrice for Your Next Event

Whether you're looking for an impactful speaker for your next panel, seminar, workshop, or corporate event, Cherrice brings valuable insights and engaging presentations tailored to your audience's needs. Her approach is not only informative but also interactive, encouraging participation and fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Ready to inspire your audience with expert mental health insights? 

To inquire about availability and booking details for speaking engagements, please send an email to:

In your email, kindly include the following details to help us better understand your event and needs:
•    Event Name and Date(s)
•    Event Format
•    Audience Details
•    Topic(s) of Interest
•    Duration of the Presentation
•    Location (if applicable)
•    Any Special Requests or Requirements

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